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worldstonefairs.com is the global platform for everyone connected with the global stone, building & construction industry to access the important information about stone fairs freely. The portal covers over 45 important stone fairs all over the world very comprehensively. In countries where no major stone fair is being held a construction fair is included where stone, building & construction industry related products are being showcased. Contents of the portal are updated regularly so that one gets fast access to sorted and accurate information.

The contents of the portal are highly useful for buyers, sellers, traders, in the Stone, Building & Construction Industry as trade fairs are the most important medium for successful businesses. Industry people participate or attend stone fairs for selling their products or to buy different products. The portal has a very simple presentation of highly sorted information thus making it a very time saving tool to access any information about stone fairs & getting information about your market. This is the reason why the portal has become very popular and is getting very large number of hits from different countries all over the globe.

The portal attracts refined & potential viewership of buyers, sellers, traders and others. As the portal covers stone fairs from different parts of the world it represents the global market place.

The portal is getting growing hits and visits from different countries every month.

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The portal has been developed in a very optimised manner. You will find that the portal is getting very good ranking in major search engines. The team continuously makes all efforts to optimise the search ranking of the portal. The portal is appearing in the top 3 locations on major search engines like YAHOO, GOOGLE & MSN for main Keywords related to "Stone Fairs". This attracts a lot of potential traffic on to the portal. However Search ranking is dynamic and may change with time.

As the ranking is very good on major search engines, the portal gets a very high traffic inflow for all those in the stone trade worldover.

A 15 member team is working on the project which includes computer engineers, IT Engineers, software engineers, designers, web developers, computer operators, content management professionals, and others. The team is entrusted with the task to keep the portal in the optimum working condition, update the latest information, work on the search engine ranking aspect to keep a high traffic inflow into the portal.

Moreover worldstonefairs.com is different than any other stone trade portal as it provides stone industry fair news which is significant for the development of business. One can compare different fairs and plan the visit to the target markets.

Undoubtedly the portal is the most important source providing details about stone fairs.